Four Interior Decorating Tips Anyone Can Use

handmade tree root table

If you’ve spent any time browsing around our showroom in Moab, Utah you know that many of our handmade items are particularly unique. In the showroom we often hear comments like “I LOVE this but where would I put it?” We get it! Interior decorating with unique pieces, large or small, can be intimidating. Over the years we’ve learned a few of the designer's tricks on how to add amazing conversation starters into a space in a way that makes sense for your decor but still adds just the right amount of pizazz! Here are four of our favorite tricks: 

Mix it up. All rooms should have something dark, something light, something shiny and something dull. This rule of thumb forces you to be creative in your decorating. The juxtaposition makes a room visually interesting and helps to showcase any items that are special or unique. Obviously, we love the look of mixed materials like when you combine metal with wood or stone.

Use what you love. Look around you right now. If you were to get rid of everything that you didn’t LOVE what would you have left? Decluttering your space becomes a snap when you approach it using this one criteria. Try to make your accent pieces and accessories representative of moments and experiences in your life. That way, not only will your space be beautiful but also a constant reminder of fond memories.

Make a statement. With accessories, the best way to showcase them is in groups. The eye is drawn to like items that are placed together to make a collection. Little vignettes can be used on bookshelves or side tables to tell a story from your travels or interests. You can also pull together items in themes of color, shape, or style.

Respect the void. It is important to remind people that the space you leave empty if often just as important as the space you fill. Resist the temptation to go overboard with your decorating. Oftentimes less is more especially when the pieces are special to you, tell a story, and are worthy of being noticed.

If you can't make it to Moab anytime soon to see our latest hand crafted pieces, check them out on our website. We have just the show-stopper piece to make your space magazine cover worthy!

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