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Ask The Triassic Tree Expert

Hey, Triassic Tree Expert... Is this tree dead? We have a lot of people ask how to tell if their tree is dead or if it is going to die. Determining this can be tough and often depends on tree species, location, and what is causing the tree’s decline. The best way to see if a tree or a limb is dead it to cut back a tiny section of bark and see if there is any green. You can start at a branch tip and work your way back until you find some live wood or until you are satisfied the tree is dead. 
Many trees show signs of stress by wilting and dropping leaves. This does not necessarily...

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Tree Tip: Be Kind To The Bark

So, there you are getting settled into your camp site for the weekend. The plan is one of total rest and relaxation. The conditions are perfect; bright blue sky and just the right amount of tree cover. You bust out your Eno hammock that you’ve been waiting all season to use. You find the perfect place to hang it, get it hung and climb in with a good book and cold beverage an arm’s length away. Ahhhh…Stop. Before you get too comfy let’s talk about what hanging that hammock is doing to the tree. Think of the bark on a tree like your skin. It is a vital protective outer layer and when disturbed leaves the tree more susceptible to...

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