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Early Inspiration

Horst Rechelbacher died.  I just recently found out Horst Rechelbacher died. I did’t get a phone call or a notice, it wasn’t like that . I didn’t know him very well. He did launch Triassic as a real business though. Horst was the founder of Aveda beauty and health products. After it sold he founded Intelligent Nutrients. I met him during the early years at a Vanity Fair photo shoot on the beach in California. I was wearing a dogbane cord and he was impressed that we were hand crafting and selling it for jewelry. He was trying to revitalize Osceola Minnesota where he was based part of this involved creating an “eco-shopping mall”. He contacted me and ordered and bunch...

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The Origins of Triassic

It has been a couple of years since we wrote a blog post. Facebook, instagram, Twitter, email, voicemail and all the rest seem to have taken up a lot of time without maybe saying a lot. So here we are and we will start again with the story of Triassic since we have grown and changed a bit since the last post.  Triassic was started in the back of a Toyota pickup. I was making small pieces of stone jewelry and wooden spoons for friends and family and then encouraged by Donna Sall to take a few things to the Moab Farmer’s Market. Inspired by the natural forms and materials all around each things was hand made with a bow saw, hatchet,...

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